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Dear organizers, 

During your next visit in the area of the "Old Quebec", don't miss the opportunity of a unique ride in the Funicular with your group. You will see the St-Lawrence river's panorama and appreciate a spectacular view of the lower town at an angle of 45 degree. The Funicular is a direct link that permit you to reach easily many tourist attractions like : Le quartier Petit Champlain, la Place royale (museum), the Dufferin Terrace (Château Frontenac) and the Harbor area (Musée de la civilisation).

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For your convenience, send a booking request for your group using one of the following options :

         - phone au 1-418-692-1132

         - fax au 1-418-692-4415

         - By filling out the electronic form below





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Upper : Dufferin Terrace

Lower : Petit-Champlain Street

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